Happy Birthday, Cory!

We all wish you the very best on this day and everyday. May you see happiness, increasing good health, prosperity, blessings, and the energy that music gives in the year ahead! We love you!

From all your friends and fans.


  1. Happy Birthday Keyboard Cory - May you have Health, Happiness and Good Fortune.

  2. Happy Birthday Keyboard Cory, may God bless you now and everyday for continued strength. Love You

  3. Happy belated birthday Cory! I'm not sure if you guys check this or not but I know that my mom would like to hear from you guys ! Her name is Nancy idk what her last name was when you guys knew her but it's Plumlee now lol I know you guys talked a while back but I know my mom and she sucks at staying in touch so I'd thought I'd do it for her you can contact either of us on face book we hope to hear from you soon :) (she doesn't know I'm doing this btw)


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