Makin' It

Lillimar Pictures has announced the release of their latest project, Makin' It, a rockumentary that tells the story of the fabulous Orosco brothers and their life in music.

“Makin’ It is recommended viewing for anyone about to join a band, and should be required for those considering forming one with members of their own families... This film is a refreshing reminder that there still exist those who practice their art just because it makes them feel good, and who haven’t destroyed themselves in the process.” James. A Gardner, Biocritics

“It’s truly astounding the spirit of innovation and tenacity 
these guys possess.  This is a sensitive, insightful film...An intimate look into their lives and hearts.” SK Waller, author of Beyond the Bridge, A Rock & Roll Trilogy

Makin' It, has been named an Official Selection of the 2012 Riverside International Film Festival and will be screened on April 27 at 7:15pm, at Regal Cinemas, Riverside, California.

You may purchase the CD and DVD online at:



  1. Congrats to the amazing "Brian Faith Band". I'm so very proud of all of you.

    1. BFB ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BFB ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!


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