BFB CD, "Original Music"

The new Brian Faith Band (BFB) CD, "Original Music", was released as a soundtrack to the Lillimar Pictures BFB documentary "Makin’ It". The film, directed by award-winning filmmakers, director John Ferry and producer Grace Desoto Ferry, had its world premier at the Riverside International Film Festival on April 27th, 2012. The 16 song CD contains music from the film and several additional original tunes.

Said BFB guitarist/vocalist Big Brother Ernie Joseph, “The CD itself is a tribute dedicated to the memory of our drummer Steve Dunwoodie. His 20 minute drum solos ending with his signature ‘Sticks on Fire’, were consistent highlights of many Southeast Tour concerts. One memorable show included an outstanding performance at the WMAK Nashville Music Festival.”

Other notable performers at the Nashville Music Festival held at Nashville’s Centennial Park included Bruce Springsteen, Roy Orbison, and the hit-makers Exile, who later penned their rock classic hit, I Wanna Kiss You All Over. Steve Dunwoodie also performed with Big Brother Ernie Joseph at North Carolina’s Love Valley Music Festival. Love Valley founder Andy Barker estimated the turnout for the three-day concert, headlined by the Allman Brothers Band, to be an estimated 250,000 people.

Ernie Joseph continues, “We toured constantly for years on the road. We played from coast to coast. On the Southeast Tour, we were very fortunate to have drummer Steve Dunwoodie with us on the roster. Prior to the tour, Steve performed with Bay Area bands including The Greatful Dead. Dunwoodie was an extraordinary talent that deserves a ton of credit for our success as a concert act. With his overwhelming drive, he was a real ‘power rock’ drummer on the level of a John Bonham. He was also a dynamic showman that would always energize and engage a crowd with his compelling presence and determination to get the crowd going, and he always did. Steve was like a cage fighter that would go the full round and just not let up. You couldn’t knock him out. He was just inspiring. His playing and endless energy pumped up the whole band to play better as a team.”

Incredibly, drummer Steve Dunwoodie would always energize even the toughest crowd at every performance. Steve did his magic consistently night after night, without fail. He would connect with the audience and inevitably have them chanting along to his drum solos. He would always lead every crowd into a frenzy of positive energy.

Singer/sax player Brian Faith adds, “Steve Dunwoodie was a charismatic talented drummer who could always move any crowd. We would just let him take over at the end of our shows with an incredible drum solo complete with full audience participation. The band members all did their part, but Steve’s energy and talent took the band to another level. He really made us a complete touring concert act, and the crowds loved it.”

The Southern California communities of Santa Barbara and Ventura are home for BFB. Band members include guitarist/vocalist Ernie Joseph (aka Big Brother Ernie Joseph), keyboardist/vocalist Cory Orosco, vocalist Karen Perry, singer/drummer/sax player Brian Faith, and Johnny Podz on bass guitar. Other notable members of previous incarnations of the band include Greg Munford, who was a session player for the Strawberry Alarm Clock and Giant Crab. Munford toured extensively with BFB as a member of Giant Crab on Wolfman Jack’s California College Tour. He also fronted the Northwest Tour, the Midwest Tour, and the Southeast Tour with Big Brother Ernie Joseph. Greg Munford is also the original vocalist who sang the Strawberry Alarm Clock’s million seller number one hit Incense & Peppermints. Guitarist Ed King is another member of the Strawberry Alarm Clock who contributed to Giant Crab recordings and live shows. Also a member of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ed King was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2006.

The Brian Faith Band was originally signed to Warner Bros/Reprise Records as Ernie & the Emperors. The song Meet Me At The Corner was a regional hit for them in their early beginnings. Later, BFB was signed to UNI Records by Strawberry Alarm Clock manager/producer Bill Holmes. Two albums, released as Giant Crab were recorded for UNI Records and produced by manager Bill Homes. A third album, "Confusion", was released as "Big Brother Ernie Joseph" for All-American Records, which was a label owned by manager Bill Holmes. European releases on collector’s vinyl include the Ernie Joseph albums "South East Tour: and "An All American Emperor". Both vinyl LPs were released by Akarma Records.

All of BFB’s prior recordings on Warner Bros/Reprise, UNI Records, All-American Records, and Akarma Records are highly sought-after by record collectors and music listeners. Giant Crab recordings are being sampled by many of today’s hip-hop rap artists, including DJ Shadow and Australia’s Hilltop Hoods. Also, the Big Brother Ernie Joseph cult classic collector’s album "Confusion" was more recently reissued and introduced to Europe by Italy’s Akarma Records. The Akarma vinyl reissue is sold on Amazon for $199.98. Collectors can find the original vinyl LP "Confusion" album release (All-American Records AA-5770), on the net at the selling price of $280.00.

Also, notable recording projects for BFB include early sessions with Santa Barbara’s Katy Perry, Alannah Myles, Jewel, and Jewel’s co-writer, Denny Aaburg. Also known for his film making, Denny Aaburg is a co-writer of the highly acclaimed surf film "Big Wednesday". Denny is currently in the studio working with BFB on a new surf film soundtrack.

The new CD, "Original Music", contains their first notable hit, Meet Me At The Corner. The remaining 15 songs contain new rock songs and the jazz instrumental, Timeless, featuring Brian Faith on tenor sax and Jonn Principe on keyboards. The list of new music also includes the rock ballads Clouds, Remember When, You Are, and Michael, a tribute to our soldiers who paid the ultimate price in their service to our country and for our freedom. Michael has been featured on the Time Warner NYC TV show, New York Rocks.

Future releases from BFB include the albums Good Times, Country Classics, and The Best of the Brian Faith Band.

The CD can be purchased HERE.



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