Music Bro, Tim Bryson

At the benefit show for Tim Bryson. L to R:
Barry Birmingham (Out of the Blue), Big
Brother Ernie Joseph, David Hekhouse
(The Tearaways), and Brian Faith, top.
By Brian Faith

It’s been a year since the local community came together to show their support of Cory’s battle with cancer, and it was so wonderful to see such an overwhelming response. It was particularly touching to see the support of the many musicians who offered their time and talent to organize these fund raisers.

The local music community responded to the call and one band in particular, The Tearaways, came forward to host an event for Cory at SOhO in Santa Barbara. Just so many musician friends offered their support for one of their own, a brotherhood of musicians who wanted to help anyway they could. Yes, Cory’s illness brought the local community together, and The Teraways were there again when another music warrior more recently became ill with cancer.

On Thursday November 12 of this year, The Teraways hosted “SANTA BARBARA BANDS TOGETHER FOR THE BENEFIT OF BRYSON”. Again, the community and local musicians came together to show their support for another musical brother, our dear friend Tim Bryson.

Special thanks to The Tearaways for their show of unity and all their support.

Dear Tim, We, like so many in this community of musicians and music lovers, wish you a speedy recovery, the best always, and our love and prayers. 
Brian Faith and everyone in the Brian Faith Band

A night for Tim Bryson. L to R: Brian Faith, David Hekhouse of The Tearaways, and Ernie Joseph.
Musicians for Tim Bryson: Bobby Montanes, Big Brother Ernie Joseph, and  Barry Birmingham.

The Tearaways' John Ferriter, and Brian Faith at the Blind Tiger benefit for Tim Bryson.

Blind Tiger Benefit Flyer.


  1. So on the pic with Bobby Montanes, Big Brother Ernie Joseph, and Barry Birmingham which guy is Big Brother Ernie Joseph?


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