New Pictures of Cory

We haven't posted much lately, but we know you understand. Cory is now at City of Hope until January 28, undergoing some pretty radical treatments. Here are the latest pictures.

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With love and thanks,
Ernie and Brian

Cory is still a joy to everyone who
comes into contact with him!


  1. Cory (Ray): It has been a very long time that we have seen each other.
    I am sadden by the news that you have cancer. I have only heard about it a month ago.My thoughts and prayers go out to you.
    Have you heard of Protocell 50? The regular docs won't tell you about it. A friend, Linda Sargent had cancer. Protocell 50 shrunk her tumer by 40%! In only six weeks!
    Well my old friend, take care, hope to see you soon.

    Your old friend.
    Louie Mandeville


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