Dedication to My BFB Bros!

By Karen Perry, Brian Faith Band vocalist.

These past 20 years have been an amazing journey with the BRIAN FAITH BAND and we are still rockin’ and “Havin’ Fun.” Good and Clean fun with the Brian Faith Band  If you are looking to hear about heartbreak, sad stories, drugs and weird stuff, please don’t read on… because you will be disappointed. My band members are wholesome, brilliant, immensely talented, but extraordinarily humble musicians, if I may say so myself. Even the special ladies in their lives have always been kind and supportive of my work with the Brian Faith Band. We are truly a family! I’d like to mention some special words for each of my band members:

ERNIE JOSEPH – My life truly changed the day you climbed down from that giant riser at that huge Octoberfest years ago to ask me if I sing. Suffice it to say, I was shocked with amazement. One moment I was admiring the fabulous Rock band performing far above my head on a stage, and the next thing I knew, Ernie, you were looking into my face and, incredibly, inquiring whether I can sing! I very timidly replied, “I sing in the shower.” You smiled and invited me to audition for the Brian Faith Band.  A week later, I was at your studio auditioning with Journey’s song, Open Arms. You, Cory, and Brian agreed that you could make a “rocker” out of me, which you indeed did! Ernie, your kindness, patience, and understanding are unsurpassed in the music world. If I may say so, I believe you are the greatest guitarist I have ever heard. I proudly and humbly stand next to you on stage, knowing that I am blessed to be in the presence of such an extraordinarily gifted guitarist and vocalist as you!

CORY OROSCO – I remain in disbelief as I discover throughout the years your many-faceted talents. Not many know that your scope goes far beyond the keyboards. You can play just about any instrument on stage. You and Ernie have recorded the vocals and instrumentals for many emerging musical talents; your structural recording acumen has provided assistance for many emerging, as well as top-talent artists over the years. Cory, your deep-rooted and far-reaching intuitive ability to connect with the audience as well as with the band members has always highlighted the performance of every show. I deeply cherish your gentle but insightful critique of my vocals during our many rehearsals that have always empowered me to reach higher musical levels than I ever thought I could achieve. I know I can always count on you, Ernie, Brian, and Johnny to have my back on stage.

BRIAN FAITH – What can I say, Bro? You admirably carry the pulse and the beat without fail, not only of the band, but of the multiple audiences. You artistically compel them to join in, to express their joy and exuberance through dancing. You are the “Man of a Thousand Voices,” as you have been known throughout the band’s tours. Your keen ability to vocally replicate the voices of varied, original musicians in our cover songs is outstanding, to say the least. You may be sitting at the drums during our current shows, but wait until the audience sees you grab a mic front-stage again someday, as you knock ‘em out with your energetic vocal renditions, as well as your soulful saxophone. You are greatly loved, my Bro, by so many.

JOHHNY PODZ – Bro, you have known Ernie, Cory, and Brian longer than have I. You’ve been an integral musical facet with my other three bros. Your contributions are always noted and appreciated. Not unlike Ernie, Cory, and Brian, your musical and instrumental depth is unknown to most. You bring to our performances your passionate expressions of various cultural perception of musical endeavors. Integrating your musical talents with the band has always provided significant artistic value. We look forward to another tour, Johnny, to showcase the Brian Faith Band's numerous original songs.

My closing words to each and every one of you remain…You always have been, you always are, and you always will remain my True and Genuine Bros.


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