Brian Faith Band Tribute to Drummer Steve Dunwoodie

After learning of the passing of drummer Steve Dunwoodie in 2011, the Brian Faith Band released a new CD dedicated to his memory. "Stevie D" performed on the Big Brother Ernie Joseph album Confusion and on the road as a member of the band.

"Two things come to mind when I think of Steve’s drumming and showmanship," Brian Faith says. "Incredible and inspiring. We always thought of Steve as a brother, and he was so excited about playing in the band and being apart of the Southeast Tour as a concert-act. It was so incredible how he consistently moved an audience with his drum solo after every show with his trademark audience participation and 'sticks on fire' routine. Also, I have to add that Steve was always able to move and win over the toughest audiences. He truly was a great drummer and showman. Ernie (Big Brother Ernie Joseph) always said that Steve’s drumming simply inspired us to play at another level."

"He was the ultimate," Ernie recalls. "His incredible drive, relentless energy… and he had a great work ethic, ready to rehearse 24/7, ready to work."

Brother Cory also thought of Steve as one of the best drummers that he has ever seen.

The new CD, which is titled Original Music, is a collection of 19 original tunes including the group’s seminal recording, Meet Me at the Corner and other songs from the Lillimar Pictures documentary, "Makin’ It". "Makin’ It" will had its world premiere showing at the Riverside International Film Festival, in Riverside, CA at the Regal Theater on April 27, 2012. The tribute CD and DVD documentary is available through the Lillimar Pictures website at, Salzer’s Records in Ventura, Brownies Market in Santa Barbara, the Riverside International Film Festival, and many retail outlets.


  1. It sounds like you were all blessed to have each other in your lifes while on the road.


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