Makin' It Happen at Peabody's

By Joel Anderson
Editor, the Ojai and Ventura View

As spring gets started, the Brian Faith Band and Friends put together a nice mid-week session for a delightful dinner and wine crownd in Montecito.

The band members, Ernie Joseph (lead guitar/vocals), Cory Orosco (keyboards/vocals), and Brian Faith (sax/vocals) reconnected with friends: singer Ed Langlo, drummer Bob Bowman, singer-songwriter Jim Haggerty, Terry, Ted, Arlie, and Trev.

Manager Warren Clark, so cool. Also, bartender Jeff kept the smooth drinks and wine flowing. And did I mention the food? Great salad bar and lunch/dinner menu.

Also in attendance were John and Grace De Soto Ferry, who discussed their recent feature-length rockumentary, "Makin' It - The Band", which features a unique look at the making of the Brian Faith Band.

This is a real story with real people, none of the common afflictions most rock bands get bogged down in -- drugs and the fast lane -- like, why would we care? This talks about the roots and formation of a musical family and also takes us on a trip through the evolution of music itself. Look for a more exclusive in-depth on this film in the coming issues.

As most locals in the know know and get, the Brian Faith Band and Friends are a real family of musicians, including quite a few great players in their extended family tree.

Stop by Salzer's in Ventura for live and studio music recordings of the Brian Faith Band.


  1. Hey Santa Barbara, Here is your chance to see this awesome group "The Brian Faith Band" and rock with them!


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