“Brain Faith and Friends” at Peabody’s in Santa Barbara

The Peabody’s show on March 28 in Santa Barbara was so much fun. It’s great when friends show up that you haven’t seen in years. That’s what was so special about that evening.

I announced into the mic that I was happy to see friends from my high school days out there. There were so many special people out there that night, like Arley Lango; I grew up seeing him working on race cars with mutual friends Jay Roach and Don Torgesen. I was only 10 years old then. They must have been around 19 or 20. You just never know who’s gonna show up at a gig.

Then there was the record breaker, Jim Haggerty. I announced that Jim was a classmate way back to when we were both only 5 years old. Can you imagine that? I don’t see Jimmy that often, so it was really cool! When you go back that far with friends, it’s even more meaningful being able to share it all with music.

It really was the proverbial “Good time had by all”.   There was such a good vibe in the air that night. Even people who were seeing the band for the first time seemed to connect in that magical, mystical, way through the music, and just having fun.

The next performance at Peabody’s will be coming up on Saturday, April 21st. I’m really looking forward to seeing who will surprise me next from the audience. I’m sure it will be another fun night with “Brian Faith and Friends”.

Thank you Grady Overstreet, for the photos!!!

1198 Coast Village Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
(805) 969-0834 


  1. Can't wait to see our Home Grown Rock Band "The Brian Faith Band" Rock on Boyz!


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