A Note to the Faithful!

This is just a note to remind you how important it is to bookmark and visit this site. A band needs people to care about them (and we know you do!) and part of showing you care is by visiting their website on a regular basis to keep up on performances, articles and interviews, and news about what they're up to. This being an interactive site (which means that you are a vital part of it!), there are a number of ways you can show your support for the Brian Faith Band:

  • Subscribe by Feed: At the bottom of the page is an easy subscription form. Each new entry will be sent to your feedreader of choice.

  • Follow: In the right sidebar there's a feature called "Follow". If you have a Google, Blogger, or Gmail account, just click it and follow the easy prompts. The best part of this is that your picture will appear, publicly, showing your support (and let's face it, every blog owner likes to see lots of faces in that little box!). And if you don't have one of those accounts, Follow anyway. All they require is your email address.

  • Follow by Email: If those options are a bit complicated, you can have new entries sent to your email box. How easy is that!

  • Comments: Leaving a comment, even if just to say hello, is always a treat and is the easiest way to show your support. Feel free to engage in conversations with each other, ask questions of the band, or make suggestions about what you'd like to see on this site. Comments are found beneath each entry. Just click "comments".

  •  Submit Stuff!: Use those cameras on your phones when you're at a Brain Faith Band gig, and send them to me! Maybe you'd like to interview members of the band during a break, write a review of a performance, or share a story about the band. The possibilities are endless!

Hope this helps. My greatest wish for this site is to make it a thriving community that everyone will enjoy!

Have a great July!


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