"Makin' It" - A Rockumentary

This summer, the Orosco brothers (Ernie and The Emperors/Giant Crab/Brian Faith Band) have been involved in the making of a rocumentary about their lives and music. The filmmakers, LilliMar Pictures (Sitting Bull: A Stone in My Heart and Contrary Warrior: The Life and Times of Adam Fortunate Eagle) have reached the post-production phase of this film and I for one am terribly excited about it!

Makin' It
A Rocumentary
On a troop ship in Guadalcanal a young man, fearing that he, like so many of his buddies, would die in this terrifying and bloody war uttered one prayer: "Lord, I want to live, I want to go home, I want to get married and have three sons, I want them to be musicians." Joseph Orosco's prayer was answered. He came home, married a wonderful girl and they did have three sons. Ernie, Cory and Brian.
Ernie was at Santa Barbara Junior High School when he started singing and playing. He joined the Cordells and soon formed his own band The Emperors. Cory and Brian grew and also became proficient in their instruments, they joined their big brother Ernie and the band became "Ernie and the Emperors." This was probably one the earliest Rock 'n Roll bands on the Central Coast. This was a time when only single artists were on the bill. The Orosco brothers witnessed the birth of Rock 'n Roll and were willing participants in helping this new style of music flourish and grow. 
In the years they have performed together, they have met and played with the great and near-great. They have toured in a van, a pickup truck with a camper and trailer and, finally, a tour bus. In between gigs they formed a recording studio where countless young musicians came to practice, record, and get encouragement and advice from the brothers.

SPECIAL UPDATE: Want to catch a bit of the filming and maybe show up in the documentary? Go to GiGi's Cocktail Lounge in Ventura TONIGHT! Details are in the sidebar.


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